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Date : 06-Jun-2010

6th JUNE 2010
 This morning Saint Baba Jaigurudev Ji Maharaj is in Dhule Distt. of Maharashtra. Kafila tourists with Babaji are preparing to proceed further after Babaji complete his discourse.
    Babaji said that I know that the management of the Nation has disturbed and every citizen is unsafe. Indian philosophy has disappeared.  Justice and character have also gone. I have seen the distribution system of BRITISH RULE. To win the freedom-war  strikes and destructive methods were adopted and they may be correct. But after gaining independence for what you are doing such damaging measures ? who will compensate the loss of property of the nation ? I have been hearing that there will no further taxation. Think over as to this promise has been fulfilled so far? The slogan of dearness has failed. In place of decreasing, prices are increasing day by day. Where is that fault and who is responsible
    Now time has come when NATURE will control. There will be overnight change. You should wait for the proper time. That will be wonder and the people of the world will see. The occurence will be beyond human imagination.
    I appeal to  you all that vegetarian life is must. For non-veg diet your soul will be sent to the HELL after death where it will be tortured for billions of years and no one will be available for your help there.
    Secondly I tell you the way how to meditate. This is not a new process and all the previous Saints have told this. If you practice for fifteen days after controlling your mind then you can see the DIVINE LIGHT and also hear the inner music coming from the heaven. That is called NAAM, SHABD, WORD as has been written in different religious books. Jesus Christ has said that WORD IS GOD AND GOD IS WORD. The inner music is so sweet that it attracts the SOUL     every moment. Therefore you should search out such a spiritual master who may take your soul in meditation to the highest division of SPIRITUALITY where there is no MATTER. there is no REBIRTH. The soul which is in the drop form today when reaches the ocean of spirituality which is its real HOME called SATLOK, SACHKHAND then it gets the real happiness for ever.
    The Kafila of Babaji has proceeded further towards SEHI Distt. NANDURBAR of Maharashtra.
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